Social Psychology

Our thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced by imaginations or presence of other people. Sometimes, immediate situations like watching television and interacting with people influences our behavior. Social psychology explains human behavior as a result of interactions and how we respond to immediate situations. You get to learn how individuals interact in a group.Many empirical and quantified researches have been carried out in social psychology. This is to be able to explain behavior patterns that emerge because of the surroundings. There are times when the chosen sample to be studied is large. In this case the psychologists conduct sampling and surveys in the field. Before conducting a research you should carry out a reconnaissance visit to the field so that you ensure the findings will be relevant to the topic of study.Scholars in social psychology are interested in topics like social influence, attitudes, social cognition, cognitive dissonance and interpersonal behavior. This is because most behavioral changes revolve around the ways in which both social and mental processes determine the way you act. If you examine individuals’ perceptions, belief system, moralities and identities, you will be able to rank the individuals in the society.There are written journals and online information about social behavior. If you are interested in specializing in this field, you should be ready to examine the individuals’ background, socialization process and social history. Analysis is possible only if you have detailed information about an individual. The topics of study are wide, forming sub branches and this gives scholars a chance to specialize in the areas they like best.