May 23, 2024

Banker’s Bonuses or credit crunch the chances are that most of us are feeling the pinch rather than worrying how to spend our new found wealth. So in this time of rising costs and diminishing cash flow can singles still operate in the competitive dating world.Whether you are at the first stage of writing your dating profile or looking forward to the first meeting the psychology of dating is still the same….we are looking to impress! Now we could do what many do on dating sites and just lie about our wealth and the car we drive. In some cases especially where you are looking for no strings sex or a one night stand then this might work. The cost of a hotel room and a couple of drinks will probably not break the bank but what if you are looking for more. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression so exaggerating your disposable income may not be the best idea so if you want success honesty may be the best policy.One advantage of adult dating sites is that the opportunity to sort out the less desirable is available to you via the profiles. Read carefully and you will see the potential gold diggers or future high maintenance girlfriends.Having broken the ice now is your chance to determine the future of your relationship based not on your ability to impress her with wealth but on two factors which are free: her emotions and her possible weakness for good old charm.This new philosophy is based around your ability to spoil and overwhelm her senses with acts of kindness and originality.Dinner Dates are always one area which everyone falls back on but they can be expensive and a real waste of money if your date turns out to be picky about what she eats or doesn’t. It will break you heart and the bank if at the end of that expensive meal she leaves half of it. So use your imagination, why not put a picnic together and combine it with a nice romantic walk. If this is not your thing but cooking is why not sharpen the knives put on the apron and prepare a meal for two at home.Pictures or Shows are another favourite for most first time couples and not only provide entertainment but also something to talk about after. A trip to the West End to see a big show is going to be expensive especially if you end up eating but if the bright lights is for you try comedy clubs. This alternative style of feel good entertainment should put you both in a good mood and laughing is said to be an attractive trait.The Great Outdoors is not only cheap but hugely satisfying when combined with an adventure. With a little imagination there is a huge variety of pursuits on your door step to get the pulse racing. Bike riding, walking, water sports even camping with a group of friends is a fantastic way to learn about each other. The credit crunch is here for a while but this is not an excuse for failure.